Little Languages for EYFS & KS1

Little Languages - An introduction to Languages for EYFS & KS1.

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Little Languages is a unique resource for introducing languages to Foundation Stage 2 and Key Stage 1. It provides the perfect solution for introducing some of the different languages and cultures from around the world.

Written by Rachel Redfearn, MFL Adviser, Wakefield LA – To support the non-specialist & as a guide to aid the expert language teacher Little Languages enables you to start teaching straightaway!

  • Activities demonstrated in French and Spanish
  • Additional vocabulary & songs in Italian, Chinese, Hindi & African Shona
  • Includes fun, play-based activities including interactive material
  • Real life clips featuring children from around the world


  • Written to make links with early learning goals relating to the 6 areas of learning
  • 5-10 minute pre-prepared sessions
  • Play-based activities such as action songs, playground games, listening to stories, simple sorting activities
  • Children can ‘see’ how other children live around the world eg. How they meet & greet, how their classroom looks, foods they might eat

Years 1 and 2

  • 10-20 minute adaptable activities
  • Play-based activities including patterns, listening to music, dancing and role play
  • Focus on cultural diversity through food, dance and celebrations
  • Introduction of 1 or 2 ‘two word phrases’ to assist in performing a simple role play

Product contains detailed lesson plans in a sturdy ring binder & software featuring:

  • Lesson plans
  • Resources
  • Interactive activities and games
  • Colourful classroom wall stickers (6 sheets of 6 stickers)
  • DVD clips

Also includes French and Spanish traditional and original songs plus songs from other languages

Linda Ashton, Year 1 Teacher, Dane Royd Junior, Infant & Nursery School, Wakefield "This comprehensive series of interactive activities excited and engaged every child as they danced, sang and played whilst absorbing some new vocabulary. The materials were clearly structured and instantly accessible. This is an excellent resource which enables children to absorb a foreign language from an early age. It promoted enthusiasm, confidence and motivation. The scheme specifically enriches work in Geography, Literacy and PSHCE curricula”.

Click the links below to download pages from the teachers guide


Foundation Stage Lessons 1 to 3

Year 1 Lessons 1 to 3

Year 2 Lessons 1 to 3

This video gives a few examples of the resources within the Little Languages software